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Terms of Use

About Webibm.com

WEBIBM to the normal terms and rules for our online services. The terms of service and use policies are listed below. Welcome to WEBIBM. Please note that these terms and policies are required in order to register with us and use our hosting services. Please make sure you read everything carefully and adhere to it. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns. WEBIBM alone retains the right to modify the terms and use rules. We service a huge clientele. Since ensuring each client's security and delivering the best services possible have always been our top priorities, we have established the following rules: *If we discover any kind of infringement in the relevant account, WEBIBM is not responsible for providing a refund. Under no situation will we consider a refund for such accounts.

Changes to Packages and Price Slots
The only authority to alter package/plan structures and costs is held by WEBIBM, and it may do so at any moment. We have the right to make changes to the costs and services listed on our website at any time and without warning. WEBIBM alone would decide whether to raise prices. This would apply to the new promotions, but orders placed before the announcement would still be processed at the earlier time frame. Account Configuration After your money is received and verified by WEBIBM upon the conclusion of the screening process, your account will be set up. It is up to you to provide us with accurate information so we can confirm the same.

You use our services fully at your own risk. WEBIBM disclaims any responsibility for any information and/or files stored on your account. You acknowledge that you are in charge of data transfer, file management, and appropriate backup of any data and files uploaded to Host Gator servers. We have the right to weekly backups of updated or newly created data. The goal of these backups is to restore the server. The clients are completely in charge of backing up their own files, which they can accomplish with ease using the Backup Manage feature found in every control panel.
CGI Scripts It is not permitted to share scripts with domains that WEBIBM does not host. Any CGI scripts that are believed to be adversely affecting our server's performance or the integrity of the network may be closed right away, without warning. Use of CGI requires prior written authorization from WEBIBM.


All payments for services rendered at WEBIBM must be made to "WEBIBM only." Only the regular payment methods specified by WEBIBM would be accepted for all payments. We have not given anyone or any organisation permission to accept payments for any services provided by WEBIBM under any other name (i.e., under any other name of any person or organisation), or through personal Western Union or Paypal accounts. You are hereby notified that WEBIBM shall not be responsible for any harm resulting from your dealings with, or payments made to, such dishonest people or businesses. In order to safeguard your interests, please get in touch with us right away if any such dishonest person or group attempts to deceive you.


Any money made for any of the selected services is non-refundable, and refund requests will not be honoured. Since WEBIBM maintains excellent client relations and completes the entire procedure with their consent, there is no option for a full or partial return. An order that has been placed cannot be cancelled because it is processed right away. Since your choices have changed over time, there is no justification for a refund or chargeback.

If WEBIBM chooses to reimburse any sum that the services would have been delayed in a certain situation, subject special consideration. WEBIBM will allot 48 hours for the site, domain, etc. to be changed if it chooses to offer the code, site, or template exactly as it is. For a seamless transition to the service provider or you (should you choose to do so, though we highly advise working with a professional service provider), the required usernames and passwords for FTP, domain names, and other things would be supplied.

The content will not be supplied by the company on any other medium, including CDs, pen drives, portable drives, etc., in order to prevent unwarranted complications and technological problems. You would become immediately and alone accountable for the login credentials and content of the websites you supply with this information. Following this transfer, WEBIBM will no longer offer assistance or respond to inquiries.

Matter of Disputes and Jurisdictional Aspects
Any legal dispute pertaining to WEBIBM will only be handled within the boundaries of Delhi. All legal matters are only subject to relevant modern laws that are in effect in New Delhi and are under the exclusive jurisdiction of courts situated in New Delhi.

For detailed T & C, please refer : Privacy Policy